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    Photo Stock # Category Manufacturer Model View
    JMS-VO001 Ovens Fisher Scientific 280A 13-262-280A Vacuum Oven View
    JMS0282A Ovens Fisher Scientific 282A Vacuum Oven View
    JMS0192 Ovens Precision Model 19 Vacuum Oven Cat# 51221162 View
    JMS-OV001 Ovens VWR 1300U General Purpose Gravity Convection Oven View
    JMS0396 Ovens VWR Sheldon 1400E Vacuum Oven View
    JMS0396-3 Ovens VWR Sheldon 1410S Safety Vacuum Oven View
    JMS0396-2 Ovens VWR Sheldon 1430 Vacuum Oven View
    JMS0396-1 Ovens VWR Sheldon 1410 Vacuum Oven View
    JMS0566 Ovens VWR Sheldon 1400E Vacuum Oven View
    JMS0197 Ovens Yamato Baxter ADP-31 Vacuum Oven View
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