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    Photo Stock # Category Manufacturer Model View
    JMS0057 Balances Mettler AE240-S Analytical Delta Range Analytical Balance View
    JMS0045 Balances Mettler AB204-S Analytical Laboratory Balance View
    JMS0201 Balances Mettler AT20 Semi Micro Analytical Balance View
    JMS0213 Balances Mettler XS205 Analytical 5-Place Balance With Printer Max 81g/220g x 0.01mg/0.1mg View
    JMS0212 Balances Mettler AX205 Analytical Balance 220g x 0.01mg View
    JMS0213-1 Balances Mettler XS204 Analytical 4-Place Balance With Printer 220g x 0.1mg View
    JMS0049 Balances Mettler AG104 Analytical Balance View
    JMS0284 Balances Mettler AT200 Analytical Laboratory Balance 205g x .1mg View
    JMS0512 Balances Mettler XS205DR Dual Range Analytical Balance 220g x 0.01mg View
    JMS0307 Balances Mettler AX105DR Dual Range Analytical Balance 110g x 0.1mg / 31g x .01mg View
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