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Stock Number: JMS0075
Manufacturer: Mettler
Model: AT261
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  • Mettler AT261 Balance
  • Manual & Power Cord
  • Calibration Documentation
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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Calibrated & Certified

  • Readability 0.01 mg
  • Weighing Capacity 205 g
  • Repeatability (0-50g) +/- 0.015 mg
  • Linearity (10g) +/- 0.03 mg
  • Stabilization (typical) 8 - 12 sec
  • Data Interface CL & RS232C
  • Weighing Pan Dimensions 80 x 80 mm
  • Weighing Pan Material Stainless Steel
The AT Series includes advanced features From features you don't expect — like motorized draft shield doors — to those you do (such as check weighing and percent calculations), the AT Series covers all the bases. And the revolutionary design means you get convenience and functionality unsurpassed by most other balances.
The AT balances let you forget about calibration once and for all - With every change in temperature, two motor-driven internal calibration weights automatically adjust the linearity of the balance with reference to three fixed points across the weighing range. The balance automatically self-calibrates (as needed).
Multiple weighing units - A simple one-step operation is all it takes to switch between weighing units. Among the units available: grams, milligrams, ounces, troy ounces, grains, pennyweights, mommes, or carats. And to protect menu settings from changes, simply activate built-in data security feature to lock in your desired settings.
Easy-to-read display - The AT261 has a high-contrast liquid crystal display. All models include the Mettler Toledo Delta Trac display, which graphically shows where you are in the weighing range and depending on the function, the Delta Trac display will change to show other graphic symbols to assist in your weighings. 

Adapters assure precise weighings every time - The vibration adapter and the weighing process adapter work together to assure you of the best possible weighing results in the shortest possible time. The vibration adapter lets you set the balance for ideal, normal or adverse conditions — nothing affects your results. The weighing process adapter controls the last digit of your display, suppressing it until the readout is stable. Select the adapter setting according to your weighing application: dispensing, universal setting, absolute weighing, or special applications. Choosing the appropriate setting means you get results as quickly as possible.
Automatic stability detector - This menu-selectable function lets you slow down the stabilization rate for better reproducibility. Motion detection symbol on display disappears, indicating that the balance is stabilized and ready for weighing.
Motorized draft shield - The glass draft shield is completely automatic to make your weighing procedures more convenient. The draft shield can be opened at either side and at the top. You can program the balance to open all doors at once, or any combination that is convenient to you. You can also control the doors through the balance's built-in data interface. Or if you prefer, you can still operate the doors manually.
Built-in CL and RS-232-C interface - Each AT balance includes a built-in Mettler Toledo CL (20mA current loop) interface that lets you add adapters to link up with systems having an IEEE-488 interface. And the RS-232-C operates bi - directionally at all standard transfer rates from 150 to 9600bps, for connection to computers, printers or other peripheral instruments.