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Stock Number: JMS0282
Manufacturer: Millipore
Model: Millipore Guava EasyCyte Flow Cytometer
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  • EasyCyte System
  • Laptop with Guava Software
  • New Flow Cell (Capillary)
  • Calibration & Service Report
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Automated Multicolor Detection and Absolute Counts for Fast and Easy Identification of Cell Phenotype and Function

The Millipore Guava EasyCyte system is the first and only blue laser-based multiparameter cytometer with built-in 96-well microplate sampling (with tube options). Screen plates of cells and compounds quickly and easily, without the hassle of manipulating multiple tubes or having the carryover issues found with other detachable microplate methods.  In addition, Guava EasyCyte system has simplified and streamlined fluorescent cell-based assays by integrating instrument, software, and reagents into a turnkey solution.  

Key features of the Millipore EasyCyte system include: 

  • Functionality of a high-throughput instrument in a smaller, more affordable format.
  • 3 fluorescent parameters allow simultaneous, multicolor detection.
  • Forward and side scatter help you determine relative cell size and granularity with fourth-color option.
The key to the Millipore EasyCyte system is a patented self-aligning, user-replaceable microcapillary flow cell that requires no sheath fluid.  This feature allows for absolute, direct cell counts without the use of reference beads.  The EasyCyte system also requires fewer cells (< 20 uL) and less reagents to perform cell-based assays, and eliminates sheath fluid costs. Waste in the system is minimized with <50 mL waste generated in 8 hours.  Courtesy of the removable flow cell, cleaning and maintenance are a snap. The shealthless fluidics system also allows for a small footprint that fits into the tightest laboratory spaces.