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Stock Number: JMS-EX0001
Manufacturer: Sapidyne
Model: KinExA 3200 Kinetic Exclusion Assay System With ALM-3000 Autosampler
Price: SOLD


  • KinExA 3200 Kinetic Exclusion Assay System
  • ALM-3000 Autosampler
  • Red Filter Set
  • KinExA Pro software
  • Standard Instrument Accessory Kit
  • Manuals & Power Cords




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Kinetic Exclusion Assay System

KinExA 3200 Instrument :

  • The KinExA 3200 - has all the features of the KinExA 3000 but offers users additional experiment validation, efficiency, and therby increased productivity. Several modifications make the 3200 popular with our customers.
  • Pressure Transducer - monitors and records the pressure throughout experiments providing easy identification of flow related problems.
  • Flow Cell Camera - captures and stores images before and after each measurements allowing users to verify the appropriate bead height.
  • Internal Instrument Controller - adds a secure back up, real time display, and frees the computer for use during an experiment.
  • Autosampler Compatible - the Autosampler can be used with the KinExA 3200 to increase productivity by allowing continuous unattended operation.
Model-ALM-3300 Autosampler

The Autosampler provides KinExA 3200 users increased productivity by enabling unattended operation though multiple experiments. Four particle reservoirs accommodate up to four distinct solid phase preparation and in conjunction with up to 270 samples support lengthy periods of autonomous operation. Completely different systems, multiple curves on a single system, or a combination of both are possible. KinExA Pro software is used to queue the experiments and may be set to begin measuring at specific incubation times. The Autosampler is a versatile and efficient addition to assist in the determination of binding characteristics.