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The BD FACSCanto system breaks new frontiers in flow cytometry by providing an efficient, easy-to-use yet powerful six-color benchtop analyzer. It incorporates many technology advances first developed in the BD™ LSR II expandable analyzer and the BD FACSAria™ cell sorter. It supports a broad range of research applications, being particularly suited for rare event analysis with its high speed, great sensitivity, and minimal sample-to-sample carryover.

The BD FACSCanto derives its name from the musical term “bel canto,” meaning operatic singing that focuses on ease and purity of tone with an agile and precise vocal technique. This new flow cytometer embodies these qualities through its simple yet novel optical design, and robust electronics that keep signals precisely separated at high acquisition rates

High Performance

The BD FACSCanto system combines a patented optical design for enhanced signal retention on six fluorescent and two scatter parameters, digital electronics for processing up to 10,000 events per second, and a novel sample injection tube supporting carryover of less than 0.1%. Your total benefit consists of the best fluorescence sensitivity to resolve dim events, cleaner data due to minimal sample contamination, and rapid processing rates, preserving valuable time for science. BD FACSCanto performance overcomes obstacles in rare event analysis and in functional studies for low detection ranges.

Flexible Experiment Design

The BD FACSCanto system supports a full range of applications. It has a capacity for eight-parameter detection while capturing particle sizes from 0.5 to 50 μm in diameter, enabeling projects with leucocytes, cell lines, platelets, multiplexed bead technologies and beyond. Multiparameter detection helps advanced cell subset analysis, multiparameter functional studies, soluble protein detection, and quantification studies for cell-surface antigens and soluble proteins. It also decreases the total sample volume necessary for a specific project as more parameters can be read per individual test.

The BD FACSCanto system is designed for optimal time management and workflow in any laboratory setting. Instrument setup and compensation nightmares are history thanks to automated compensation algorithms and preset templates. Data files are stored raw and compensated as part of FCS files, allowing flexibility for off-line compensation when viewing data.

Sample loading is automated with the BD FACSCanto Loader option, enabling walkaway acquisition. Loader operation is now streamlined and fully integrated in the BD FACSDiva software user interface. Manual and automated tube loading can be switched back and forth easily and quickly. In addition, BD Biosciences digital electronics allows an unsurpassed benchtop analysis speed of up to 10,000 events per second.

The system’s design makes instrument maintenance easier than ever. It includes a cart that holds large fluid tanks to run the instrument, greatly reducing the operator’s need to handle fluids. Automated startup, shutdown, and cleaning routines are available with one click. Any laser alignment is virtually eliminated because of the fixed optical bench and the fiber optics, which route focused and steady light.