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Stock Number: JMS-DP001
Manufacturer: Jasco
Model: P-2000 Digital Polarimeter System
Price: SOLD


  • Jasco P-2000 Digital Polarimeter
  • Computer With Control Software
  • Manual & Power Cords
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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JASCO, a leading manufacturer of polarimeters since 1967, is proud to introduce the new P-2000 multi-option polarimeter.  The P-2000 is designed as a customizable polarimeter with various options for a range of applications and budgetary requirements. The instrument system can also be field upgraded as the application requirements change. Options such as polarizers, wavelength filters, lamps and photomultiplier detectors provide a wide range of analytical wavelengths from UV-Vis to NIR.

Advanced instrument control

  • Two different user interfaces allow full-system control and advanced data processing
  • A newly redesigned intelligent remote module (iRM) with a color LCD touch screen conveniently guides the operator through routines from data acquisition to data processing. The obtained data can be automatically printed to USB printers, or saved to a compact flash memory card for further processing on a PC.
  • PC control is also possible by using Spectra Manager™ II software, the latest version of JASCO's innovative cross-platform spectroscopy software..
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant versions for both interfaces are available as an option.
High speed, precision and accuracy

The P-2000 offers a response speed as fast as six degrees per second to provide reproducible data for each measurement with a resolution of 0.0001°. A wide dynamic range of up to ±90° enables the system to measure chiral compounds over a broad range of concentrations. The sample chamber is equipped with two integrated temperature probes for cell holder and sample.