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Stock Number: JMS0141
Manufacturer: Thermolyne
Model: Barnstead Locator 8 Cryogenic Storage System
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  • Thermolyne Locator 8
  • Racks, Lid & Level Monitor
  • Manual & Power Adapter 
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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Thermo Scientific Locator 8 Plus is a large-capacity liquid nitrogen storage container. The Thermo Locator 8 Plus indexed rack and box systems allow quick and efficient sample retrieval while providing cost effective solutions to maximum storage capacity. The Locator 8 Plus was designed for minimum liquid nitrogen consumption and has a Static Holding Time of 185 days. The sleek design of this Liquid Nitrogen Storage Container makes it very attractive for end users that are constantly battling with lab space.

The Locator 8 Plus comes from a long line of reliable Liquid Nitrogen Dewars built by Thermo Scientific. The Locator 8 Plus LN2 Dewars provides scientists with outstanding temperature uniformity where samples are store below -180°C even when there’s less than 2” of liquid nitrogen remaining in the Dewar. The Locator 6 comes equipped with a nitrogen level alarm and locking bracket, preventing unauthorized entry. The Locator 8 Plus also comes with an advanced vacuum insulation, minimizing the evaporator of liquid nitrogen.

  • Thermo Locator 8 Plus System Specifications:
  • Capacity     121 Liters
  • Vial Capacity     2000 Vials
  • Average Daily Consumption     0.60 Liters
  • Diameter x Height     22" x 37.5 inches
  • Static Holding Time     201 Days
  • Inside Diameter (Neck)     6" inches
  • Shipping Weight     115 lb