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Stock Number: JMS0264
Manufacturer: Mettler
Model: AX205DR Dual Range Analytical Balance 220g x 0.01mg
Price: SOLD


  • Mettler AX205 Balance & Power Adapter
  • RS-P42 Printer
  • Manual & Power Cord
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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Results: a precision and reproducibility never before achieved. State of- the-art weighing technology with 50 million divisions of resolution, accurate to 0.1 μg. Weighing range up to 510 g.

Operation: touch screen offers unequalled user friendliness. Up to eight personalized operator settings can be configured, saved and retrieved.

SmartSens: place the sample on the weighing pan without touching the balance. Hands off weighing is quicker and more convenient.

Balance Type     Analytical Balance
Capacity  220 g
Linearity  .1 mg over entire range
Readability .01 mg
Repeatability - full load: 0.03mg in range 0-60g: 0.015mg
Stabilization Time - 5 sec typical
Depth     505 mm
Height     293 mm
Width     241 mm
Weight 9.7 kg
Additional Specifications Linearity within 10g: 0.03mg
Typical Stabilization time: 2 to 5s
Fine Range Stabilization time: 8 to 12s
Effective height above the pan: 240mm
Weighing pan sizes: 80 x 80 mm