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Stock Number: JMS-AN0001
Manufacturer: YSI
Model: 2700 SELECT Biochemistry Analyzer
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  • YSI 2700 Select Analyzer
  • Turntable
  • Manual & Power Cord
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Features at a Glance

  • Aspirates small sample of 25 µL in most applications
  • One-minute result displayed, printed and stored
  • Combination of two chemistries can be run
  • Automatic calibration and automatic clearing of sample to waste
  • Small footprint (about 1 square foot of bench space)
  • Small footprint (about 1 square foot of bench space)
The YSI 2700 SELECT is a biochemistry analyzer for bioprocess monitoring. The analyzer provides rapid, accurate analysis of key nutrients and byproducts, including glucose, lactate and glutamine. Because fermentations and cell cultures require tight control of system variables to achieve consistent and desirable results, the YSI 2700 SELECT biochemistry analyzer regulates variables such as oxygen, pH, and temperature, as well as nutrients and byproducts.

Off-Line and On-Line Analysis

Sample analysis with the YSI 2700 SELECT can be done two ways, off-line or on-line. For many processes, off-line analysis is a good method for monitoring nutrients or byproducts, particularly if consumption or production rates are slow. For processes that require frequent monitoring and regulation, on-line analysis allows you the freedom to sample automatically and adjust both nutrient and byproduct concentrations.

As a benchtop analyzer, the YSI 2700 SELECT Biochemistry Analyzer is easy-to-use and provides results quickly—in 60 seconds. Sample volume requirements are low (about 25 µL) which allow you to run as many samples as you want. The best feature of all is that no sample preparation is required (no filtration and no dilution in most cases).

Other system attributes include:

  • RS232 and analog signal (with YSI 2730) for data logging with a PC
  • Closed-loop monitoring and control set-up option
  • Run of discrete sample when analyzer is acting as on-line monitor
  • Autoclave of on-line monitor components
  • Simultaneous run of two measurement chemistries
  • Selectable measurement units: g/L, mg/L, mmol/L, % (w/v)
Configuration Options

Couple the YSI 2700 SELECT™ with the YSI 2710 Turntable for batch analysis. The 24-position turntable lets users load samples and walk away. The instrument will automatically analyze them, print results and send them to a PC.

Couple the 2700 SELECT™ with the YSI 2730 Aseptic Monitoring & Control system, and pull samples directly from a bioreactor, measure important nutrients and byproducts, and immediately control the replenishment of nutrients, if needed, while maintaining the sterility of the process. All system components are sterilizable.