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Stock Number: jms0442
Manufacturer: Agilent
Model: G1956B LC/MS Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
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  • Agilent G1956B Mass Spectrometer
  • Computer With Data Acquisition Software
  • Manual & Power Cords
  • Parts & Labor Warranty
  • **Agilent 1100 HPLC Front End(Optional)**




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The 1100 Series LC/MSD provides information quickly in one chromatographic run. It provides molecular weight, structural information and has excellent selectivity needed to identify compounds, check the purity of chromatographic peaks and quantitate trace level samples in complex matrices in a rugged, reliable, easy-to-use benchtop system. For chromatographers and mass spectrometrists who need the utmost in sensitivity, the LC/MSD SL makes analyses in the very low picogram range possible.

  • Single quadrupole mass analyzer   
  • API-ESI and APCI ionization sources   
  • Non-volatile organics, peptide, protein analysis   
  • Deconvolution software   
  • Mass Range 0 to 3000 m/z
  • Mass Spectrometer Type Single quadruple mass analyzer