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Stock Number: JMS0529
Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Model: FacsAria Cell Sorter 3-Laser 10-Color Cell Sorter
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  • Facsaria
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  • Computer Loaded with FacsDiva Software
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The BD FACSAria cell sorter sets the standard for high performance flow cytometry. Based on an entirely new design in instrumentation, the BD FACSAria instrument is the first benchtop sorter that incorporates a fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell that can detect up to 13 colors, for a total of 15 parameters. The cuvette flow cell allows for up to three air cooled or solid state lasers at 488 nm, 633 nm, and 405 nm. Faster digital electronics allow for acquisition rates of up to 70,000 events per second. High-performance sorting is easy to set up, perform, and monitor with built-in BD FACS  Accudrop technology and sort monitoring features within the software.

Fluorescence Sensitivity

Measurements performed at 70 psi and 90 kHz using
SPHERO Rainbow Calibration Particles RCP-30-5A
FITC: 125 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF-FITC)
PE: 125 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF-PE)

Fluorescence Resolution

Coefficient of variation PI–Area of <3.0%, full G0/G1 peak for
propidium iodide (PI)-stained chicken erythrocyte nuclei
Coefficient of variation Hoechst–Area of <3.5%, full G0/G1
peak for Hoechst-stained chicken erythrocyte nuclei

Fluorescence Linearity

Doublet/singlets ratio for CEN stained with PI = 1.95–2.05
detected off the 488-nm laser or Hoechst = 1.95–2.05
detected off the 405-nm laser

Forward and Side Scatter Sensitivity

Sensitivity enables separation of fixed platelets from noise,
identification of bacteria, and 0.5-micron beads.

Forward and Side Scatter Resolution

Scatter performance is optimized for resolving lymphocytes,
monocytes, and granulocytes.

Sample Acquisition Rate

Maximum acquisition rate: 70,000 events per second with 8
parameters, 12 compensation pairs. Maximum rate < 70,000
events per second with more parameters, > 100,000 events
per second with fewer parameters.