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Stock Number: JMS0355-1
Manufacturer: Baker
Model: EdgeGard EG-6320 6-Foot Laminar Flow Hood
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  • Baker EG-6320 Hood
  • New Filter (Certified Prior To Shipment)
  • Part & Labor Warranty




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A laminar flow clean bench provides a working environment that has its own filtered air supply. Used in a variety of applications including medical research laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other research and production environments, clean benches direct HEPA-filtered airflow across the work area to provide up to ISO Class 4 (FS209, E Class 10) virtually particulate-free work area for conducting procedures.

Clean benches prevent any contaminated room air from entering the work area and contaminating samples. Clean benches do not protect users from exposure and should never be used when working with any infectious material or volatile/toxic chemicals.

EdgeGARD  Horizontal Laminar-Flow Clean Bench

    ISO Class 5 cleanliness (for 0.5 micrometer particles)
    Product protection only; not for use with hazardous aerosols
    Available in space saver models

With a spacious work area and brightly illuminated for maximum productivity and unique high velocity air return slots, EdgeGARD  from The Baker Company offers both user comfort and product protection.

Baker's EdgeGARD  horizontal laminar-flow clean bench provides HEPA-filtered air and proven product protection ideal for a range of laboratory applications. With a patented cabinet design incorporating high-velocity return air slots, EdgeGARD  provides precise control of airflow volumes and velocities, thereby maximizing product protection and ensuring Class 100 cleanliness in the laboratory.

Equipped with a HEPA supply air filter, airflow across the work area provides a particulate-free work surface. Applications include IV admixture preparation, drug compounding, plant cell culture, electronic assembly and more.