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Stock Number: JMS-ELS21001
Manufacturer: Polymer Laboratories
Model: PL-ELS 2100 ELSD Detector
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The Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100 Evaporative Light Scatter Detector surpasses other ELSDs for low temperature HPLC applications with semi-volatile compounds. Polymer Laboratories has over 15 years experience in ELSD. ELSD detectors can outperform traditional detectors when analyzing non-chromophoric samples by HPLC. Its innovative design represents the next generation of ELSD technology, providing optimum performance across a diverse range of HPLC applications. The PL-ELS 2100's unique patented gas control permits evaporation of high boiling solvents at very low temperatures, for example, 100% water at a flow rate of 5ml/min can be removed at 30°C.

  •     Compatibility with a wide range of solvents
  •     Completely gradient compatible (unlike RI detection)
  •     No analyate chromaphore required (unlike UV-vis)
  •     ELS detects anything that is less volatile than the mobile phase
  •     Eliminates the need for derivatization steps for selected analyates
  •     Fast setup and equilibration
  •     Sensitivity in the range of 1-50ng on the column
  •     No interference from solvent front peaks
  •     Flow rates up to 5 mL/min can be achieved with no effect on baseline
  •      Ideal for high throughput screening
  •     Low temperature operation even in 100% water
  •     Small footprint with ergonomic design
  •     Easy to use