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Stock Number: JMS0607
Manufacturer: MP Bio
Model: Fastprep 24 5G Sample Preparation System
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  • Mp Bio Fastprep 24 5G
  • 24 x 2mL Cryo Vial Rack
  • Manual & Power Cord
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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The FastPrep-24 5G Homogenizer is the most advanced Sample Preparation System ever created. Developed especially for difficult and resistant samples, this high-speed benchtop reciprocating homogenizer grinds, homogenizes and lyses any cell and tissue in 40 seconds or less - guaranteed. The FastPrep-24™ 5G is easy-to-use and produces highly reproducible isolation and purification of stable RNA, active proteins and full-length genomic DNA. The best part is there is no cross-contamination! Interchangeable sample holders will allow your laboratory flexibility in sample tube processing sizes (24 or 48 x 2ml, 2 x 50ml, 12 x15ml, 24 x 4.5ml tubes) at either cryogenic or ambient temperature. For a complete optimized solution use the FastPrep-24™ 5G homogenizer in conjunction with FastPrep® Isolation and Purification Kits and Lysing Bead Matrix Tubes. Your final results: Highest quality of yield and purity of intact, active biomolecules from any tissue or cellular sample type.

  • Most Powerful - Highest speed available improves the quality, yield and purity of the resultant analyte
  • Best Performance and time savings - Delivers the most DNA, RNA and Proteins from any sample type including the most resistant samples in 40 seconds or less
  • Exclusive Software & Touchscreen - Intuitive, easy touch screen programming or choose from 70 pre-programmed protocols
  • Most Versatile - Largest variety of interchangeable sample holders, process from 2 - 50 ml, ambient or cryogenically
  • Shortest Processing Times - Lyse sample quickly in 40 seconds or less
  • Highest Yields - Obtain the highest quantities and purity of biologically active DNA, RNA and Proteins
  • Best Complete Solution - FastPrep-24 5G System, FastPrep Kits and Lysing Bead Matrix Tubes are optimized for highest quality