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Stock Number: JMS0529-1
Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Model: FacsAria II Cell Sorter 2-Laser
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  • Facsaria II
  • Fluidics Cart
  • Computer Loaded with FacsDiva Software
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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The BD FACSAria II incorporates the unique fixed alignment technology that revolutionized cell sorting over five years ago with the introduction of the BD FACSAria. Fixed alignment minimizes startup time and improves reproducibility. Gel coupling
to the objective lens improves collection efficiency and increases sensitivity and resolution needed for multicolor sorting applications.

New fluidics and nozzle designs A new fluidics design improves aseptic setup and cleaning. New nozzle sizes enable a wide range of particles to be sorted and new nozzle design allows for reproducible insertions. Software wizards and automation simplify aseptic sort setup, drop delay determination, and clog detection.

Better workflow and productivity The BD FACSAria II also raises the bar on ease of use to improve both workflow and productivity with improvements across the platform. For example, a universal sort tube collection mount now makes it easier to insert and remove tube holders. In addition, software improvements dramatically cut the time spent on cytometer setup, adjustment, and maintenance.

Aerosol management

Engineered with aerosol management in mind, the BD FACSAria II features an enclosed pathway from the sample injection chamber to the sort collection tubes. For an added level of aerosol management, the BDTM Aerosol Management Option (AMO) evacuates the sort collection chamber and traps aerosolized particles during sorting.

Sample injection chamber

The sample injection chamber is where the sample is introduced into the flow cytometer. During acquisition, the chamber is pressurized, forcing the sample to the cuvette flow cell. Sample injection chamber temperature control and agitation are standard with the BD FACSAria II cell sorter. The BD FACSDiva software controls both sample agitation and temperature settings. After a sample tube is run, both the inside and outside of the sample injection tubing are flushed to minimize carryover. A variety of tube holders are provided, from 15-mL centrifuge tubes to 1.0-mL microtubes. New 35- and 50-micron sample line filters minimize clogging during a sort.

Sort collection chamber

The new universal mount in the sort collection chamber makes inserting the tube holders easier. This design is more robust and helps maintain aseptic conditions. Temperature control for both sort collection tubes and plates is available as an option.