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Stock Number: JMS0036-1
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Model: Heraeus Heracell 150 Co2 Incubator
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  • Heracell 150 Incubator (available as single or double)
  • Copper Interior & Shelves
  • Manual
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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HERAcell 150 incubator comes with a 100% pure copper antimicrobial interior, and the acclaimed ContraCon 90 decontamination routine for unsurpassed contamination prevention, even against mycoplasma. ContraCon gives the convenience of a thermal decontamination routine that does not require the removal and re-fitting of any sensors or shelves. 

Superior Contamination Prevention

The HERAcell 150 incubator incorporates:

The ContraCon 90 automatic decontamination routine, which decontaminates the entire interior and water reservoir without the need to remove sensors and fittings (in independent tests, ContraCon was proven to completely eliminate mycoplasma) Reduced internal surface area minimizes contamination-prone surfaces Smooth interior with rounded corners for easy cleaning Optional solid copper interior.