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Stock Number: JMS0361-3
Manufacturer: Infors
Model: HT Multitron AJ188 Double Stacked Large Capacity Incubator Shakers
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  • Infors Multotron AJ188 Incubators
  • Universal Platform
  • Manual & Power Cord
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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  • Splash-proof keypad with LED  display, easily seen from across the lab
  • On/Off control with alternating  display of speed and temperature during run mode
  • Operation resumed after closing door after power failure
  • Platform released when door fully  opened without the need of a latch
  • Alarm modes available for  external output via RS232, 0-10V, or 4-20mA

  • Lightweight polyurethane housing
  • Dual cross-blower fans located  inside a fully insulated and sealed chamber
  • Excellent temperature control  uniformity with temperature profiles available
  • Protected drive motor located  outside the incubation chamber
  • Work light provided and  activated by pressing any function key
  • Standard clamp trays or sticky  stuff trays available
  • Tray platform slides over doors
  • Shaking motion:  orbital
  • Shaking speed:   20 - 400 rpm
  • Accuracy:   1% at max. speed
  • Temperature range:  5°C above room temperature up to  65°C  Precision: ± 0.2°C (Pt100 sensor)
  • Air circulation:      360 m3/h
  • Heating capacity:      700 W
  • Interface:      RS-232, bi-directional
  • Power supply:      115/230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz