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Manufacturer: SP Scientific
Model: Genevac EZ-Bio Evaporator
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The EZ-Bio system uses the established EZ-2 solvent removal platform in a specially engineered product optimised for the needs of biologists.

Solvent removal tasks in biological research commonly involve ethanol, methanol, water and acetonitrile and the EZ-Bio is optimised to remove such solvents. The new system is not encumbered by many of the extra functions associated with complex organic chemistry applications and consequently provides an evaporator tailored to the needs and budget of academic researchers, and in particular molecular biologists.

Genevac says EZ-Bio offers great value for money in a package that provides as standard pre-programmed methods for evaporation of HPLC fractions and DNA samples as well as its patented Dri-Pure anti-bumping control.

Sample holders are available for Eppendorf tubes, HPLC vials and microtitre plates.