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Stock Number: JMS0614-1
Manufacturer: Nova Biomedical
Model: Flex Analyzer
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  • Nova Flex
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Osmility Module
  • Chemistry & Gas Module
  • Computer with Software
  • Parts & Labor Warranty




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One Automated Analyzer for Fast, Comprehensive Cell Culture Analysis

BioProfile is a chemistry/cell viability modular instrument that measures up to 15 key cell culture attributes. By combining as many as five separate instruments into one easy-to-use instrument, BioProfile FLEX simplifies workflow and saves time, labor, and operating cost versus multiple instruments.
Applications of BioProfile FLEX include:

  •     Monitoring the progress of bioreactor runs
  •     Determining consumption and production of key metabolites
  •     Identification of growth-limiting nutrients
  •     Design of feeding strategies
  •     Calibration of bioreactor probes
  •     Measurement of cellular respiration
  •     Balancing media electrolytes
  •     Control levels of waste product.