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Stock Number: JMS-MS001
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: Multisizer III Particle Sizing and Counting Analyzer
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  • Multisizer III
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The most versatile and accurate particle sizing and counting analyzer available today. Using the Coulter Principle, also known as ESZ (Electrical Sensing Zone Method), the Multisizer 3 COULTER COUNTER provides number, volume, mass and surface area size distributions in one measurement, with an overall sizing range of 0.4 µm to 1,200µm. Its response is unaffected by particle color, shape, composition or refractive index. The Coulter Principle is the absolute leading technology in high resolution and accuracy and it is further enhanced in the Multisizer 3 by using a Digital Pulse Processor (DPP). You will get the ultra-high resolution, multiple channel analysis and accuracy not provided by any other technology. It all makes the Multisizer 3 indispensable for any industrial or life science research project involving sizing and/or counting. Equally a powerful tool for quality control, it provides the analyst with a system which is easy to use, yet so technologically advanced that it is able to solve most particle sizing problems

Proven Coulter Technology Ensures Your Results are Accurate & Reliable

  • More than half a century of experience counting and sizing particles and cells
  • Used in approved ASTM methods
  • Technology defined by the International Standard ISO 13319 (ISO 13319:2000: Determination of particle size distributions -- Electrical sensing zone method)
  • Accurate sizing, counting and high resolution technology preferred by the industry for particle counting and size distribution
  • Capable of counting and sizing particles at concentration levels not detected by other technologies
  • Color or refractive index does not affect results
Improved Instrument Design
  • Easy to operate: Instrument completely controlled through the computer with user-friendly software
  • Digital Pulse Processor: Real-time measurements- Detection of any change in the sample over the length of the analysis. The pulse distribution offers information about the sample behavior such as cell volume, dissolution, agglomeration, etc.
  • Suitable for both aqueous and organic electrolytes
  • Environmentally friendly, mercury-free metering system
  • New aperture system (no grease) makes it easy to reconfigure for a desired size range
  • Resolution can be selected from 4 to 300 channels at any selected range